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Category: Silver Electrodes
Uni-Patch Superior Silver with Skin Friendly Blue Gel

Uni-Patch Superior Silver with Skin Friendly Blue Gel: 2"x2" Square, 4/Pack
Our Price: $12.51 ($3.13 each electrode)

  • Superior Silver stimulating electrodes with double layer of skin friendly blue gel
  • Self-adhering and reusable stimulating electrode for TENS/NMES/FES
  • Conductive silver layer provides uniform current distribution and comfortable stimulation
  • Constructed of flexible and durable foam for patient comfort and durability
  • Extra thick skin friendly blue gel provides superior adherence and reusability
  • Removes cleanly and easily
  • No painful hair pulls upon removal and leaves no messy residue on the skin
  • Uni-Patch stimulating electrodes with proprietary skin friendly conductive blue gel have proven to be your choice for patients with sensitive skin.
  • Skin friendly gel bonds perfectly to the skin and conforms to even the tiniest irregularity. It sticks so efficiently that it actually improves electrical conductivity with the skin! Even though skin friendly gel adheres aggressively, it repositions and removes easily without painful hair pulls, leaving no messy residue.
  • Multiple applications from 10-14 days
  • Part# EP85205 - 2"x2" Square

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