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Category: Silver Electrodes
Uni-Patch Starburst Stimulating Electrodes
  • Self-adhering and reusable stimulating electrodes for TENS/NMES/FES
  • The Starburst stimulating electrode design incorporates a patented multi-layer gradient pattern providing the most advanced current distribution system available.
  • This unique gradient pattern is made of pure silver, known as a superior conductive material and optimal for stimulating electrodes.
  • Incorporates a highly conductive silver ink printed in a patented gradient starburst pattern on a conductive carbon film base
  • Evenly controls the flow of electrical current over the entire surface of the electrode
  • An exclusive hypoallergenic hydrogel formulated with pure aloe vera gel provides superior adherence even after multiple uses, and offers hydrating properties and natural moisturizing effects
  • A thick hydrogel layer further promotes superior skin adherence, assuring the patient will receive comfortable treatments throughout the life of the electrode
  • A tinted double-coated storage liner simplifies removal and storage
  • Both sides are also gel friendly, so electrodes can be stored on either side
  • Uses a copper-tin lead wire for proven flexibility and durability
  • Soft molded lead wire connectors provide superior comfort and adaptation to variations in mating pin size
  • Efficient conductivity with low electrode impedance promotes safer treatment for the patient and improves battery life
  • Part# EP85340 - 2" Round

Uni-Patch Starburst Stimulating Electrodes: 2" Round, 4/Pack
Our Price: $10.74

Uni-Patch Starburst Stimulating Electrodes: 2" Square, 4/Pack
Our Price: $10.74

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